It is extremely difficult to predict timelines on this type of project. For that reason, we are not seeking investment at this stage. If you are interested in becoming an investor, do contact us, so that we can keep you informed of progress.

The first stage is to replicate and validate in our laboratory the technological achievements of other scientists. Secondly we need to combine the different technologies into a simulated product that can be laboratory tested. Thirdly to create a prototype product that can be manufactured in low volume for wider pilot testing. Fourthly, develop a commercial version for manufacture.

Alongside these activities we are conducting further market research & validation, building partner relations, ensuring that we avoid trespassing on existing patents, and filing patents to protect our new methods.

There are various possibilities for an exit strategy. We could exit early by selling the company, or licensing the product to an existing medical company. However we are also planning the creation of a marketing and fulfillment partnership, should we take the product to market ourselves.

We have a number of partners including a leading university bioscience department and a hospital.